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Dog Training with Lisa Ashton

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Hi, I'm Lisa!

I’ve been dog training in the West Midlands for the past eight years.


I have five dogs of my own, three of which are rescue, and each one of them has taught me something new.


I originally trained with the APDT and it was an excellent foundation, but on acquiring my rescue cockapoo, Summer, at 4 months old, I knew I had to up the game and learn a whole lot more. She didn’t just need to learn how to sit and walk nicely on a lead; she needed to learn confidence, optimism and calm.


That’s when I found Absolute Dogs –a training revolution that believes in transforming your dog’s behavior and your relationship with them through the power of games! I did their “Naughty but Nice” course – “Naughty but Nice” dogs might bark, lunge, pull on the lead, lack focus or simply get overexcited. Summer was definitely that! I was so impressed with the results I went on to do their “Pro dog trainer” and “Geek” courses - all training through three minute games. The games are fun, easy to fit into your day, and most importantly, build a fabulous bond with your dog and gets amazing results.


Rather than punishing, depriving and intimidating, we can transform your dog through simple 3 minute games, for dogs of any age and ability.


“ Training me is not an option, it’s an obligation”


I’m looking forward to working with you!


Lisa x

Tel: 07792  786 217

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